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Knock Out

Immediate love for the toys in GD&TOP’s “Knock Out” MV! Unfortunately I won’t be getting my hands on these…

This 1000% size Be@rbrick is a collaboration with Chanel! Good luck finding one. ;_;

And this is the 4 foot tall KAWS Dissected Companion Black Version, which if what I’m seeing around online is true, then it goes for about $6000…!
All I have of this guy is a keychain.


Turn It Up – Revamp

Well, does anyone remember the post I did for “Turn It Up” when all we had was a fancam to go by? I posted it on January 29th of this year! And now finally we have the MV, so I thought I’d do a little updated version of the post. Here’s the original if anyone’s curious. Does it really seem like it was so long ago? ^^

Anyway, enough of me rambling, onto the good stuff!

John Galliano Gazette Beach Towel. (Price tag: about $165.)

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Leave it to me to recognize the Be@rbrick immediately. Maybe I shouldn’t have started collecting these things!

(Thanks BB Updates!)

OriginalFake x Medicom Toy Dissected Companion Grey Be@rbrick – 1000%.
Seen above, from left to right, are the sizes 1000%, 400% and 100%.
They seem to run between $400 and $500.


Be@rbrick Special

In a recent interview, everyone’s favorite toy enthusiast (TOP!) casually mentioned that he has about 1000 Be@rbricks in his room. I assume most of you will know what Be@rbricks are, but there’s probably a lot you don’t know, too. Personally I love these things, and I sort of accidentally started a collection during a trip to Japan in July of 2009. I knew TOP liked them and I’d originally planned on buying a few to drop in his present box at the fan club event, but the more I found, the more I wanted some for myself. ^^;
Okay, enough of my rambling. This post is rather image heavy, you’ve been warned.

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Possible Christmas List Items for TOP & G-Dragon

This post is just for fun, keep in mind. Though I’m not sure I’d be too surprised if I’m right on the money here, haha.

Swarovski recently did a collaboration with colette; and since Swarovski and colette are both things our boys like, it would make sense that some of the items wound on their Christmas lists.

For G-Dragon, I say he’d pick these:

Swarovski Cristallised x Jeremy Scott Adidas J Wing Sneakers.
These are actually sold out, and for the price of $3599.50 it’s a little hard to swallow for me.

And for T.O.P, I’m going to say he’d ask for one or both of these guys here:

Close up of the finish:

That’s right, Swarovski Be@rbricks. Not the tiny ones, either; these come in 400% and 1000%. The smaller one (400% size) sold out despite the price tag of $7199.00! Never fear; the large one is still available for only (…) $21,597.00.

For the curious, colette is hosting the Swarovski White Crystal Christmas until January 2nd. This is a seriously amazing collection, so I’ve included some photos underneath the cut.  The exhibition is just incredible!
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TOP’s toys, part one

We all know that, when traveling, if you want to make sure your most prized possessions are safe, you carry them yourselves. Guess what TOP is carrying?

The focus is obviously on the pants, but since I haven’t found them yet…

International Love Heart 1000% BE@RBRICK
International Love Heart 1000% BE@RBRICK

love heart2
Purchased while Big Bang was in Japan this Summer.

For the curious, Be@rbricks usually come in the size 100%. Special editions are 200%, 400%, and the largest, 1000%.

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