A Wild TOP appears~

I am loving the look here! The bright colors recently really look great on the boys.

Joyrich Cheetah Hoodie.

Looks great! I wonder if TOP and G-Dragon coordinated animal print. ^^

Thanks to the helpful hint from kkm in the last post! Joyrich’s Korean website is almost constantly open in my browser now.

3 Responses to “A Wild TOP appears~”

  1. 1 Lolli
    April 16, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    So much Joyrich. XD

    Just stumbeled over two things today which don’t have to do with Joyrich but still nice to look at. ^^
    Not sure if you’re already working on this…

    Have you watched/seen G-Dragon’s black shirt during the theater premiere?
    It’s Givenchy again. XD (what a surprise *lol*) But it wasn’t that hard to guess because of the studded pattern. 😛

    But actually I was more interested in the sneakers Big Bang was wearing in the latest photo (TOP with the silver hair XD). At first I thought it was Givenchy too but then I found a blog with a pic of shoes that looked extremely similar and it was written they are from a japanese brand called DIET BUTCHER.
    Could they be from the brand?
    Found here: http://www.chuhchuh.de/2009/08/diet_butcher_-_nietensneaker.php

    • April 16, 2010 at 4:43 pm

      I thought Givenchy right away, you’re not alone! ^^
      I’m familiar with Diet Butcher but it didn’t occur to me to check there, I think you’re right.

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