Be@rbrick Special

In a recent interview, everyone’s favorite toy enthusiast (TOP!) casually mentioned that he has about 1000 Be@rbricks in his room. I assume most of you will know what Be@rbricks are, but there’s probably a lot you don’t know, too. Personally I love these things, and I sort of accidentally started a collection during a trip to Japan in July of 2009. I knew TOP liked them and I’d originally planned on buying a few to drop in his present box at the fan club event, but the more I found, the more I wanted some for myself. ^^;
Okay, enough of my rambling. This post is rather image heavy, you’ve been warned.

Be@rbricks come in various sizes, 100% being the standard. But for special editions (and trust me, there’s a lot of those) the size tends to shoot up. These bigger sizes are 200%, 400% and 1000%; meaning two times normal size, four times normal size and ten times normal size. Some even come in 50%, usually as key chains or phone charms. On only a handful of occasions I’ve seen 70%.
100% size Be@rbricks almost always come in blind boxes, meaning you don’t know which one you’re getting. They’re usually released in a series, with some being more common than others. If there’s a ‘1/3’ underneath a certain Be@rbrick picture on the box, that means you’ve got a one in three shot of getting that particular one. Even if you open the box, chances are you still won’t know which Be@rbrick is inside, as they tend to be sealed in black or silver plastic that you can’t see through.

Countless brands and events have a Be@rbrick associated with them. Here’s a few brands you might recognize:

BLACK COMME des GARCONS x Medicom Be@rbrick.

COMME des GARCONS even incorporate Be@rbricks into clothing and accessories in another collaboration with Medicom, who manufactures the toys.

10 corso como COMME des GARCONS x Medicom Toy

10 corso como COMME des GARCONS x Medicom Toy


On to another brand: A Bathing Ape! Also known as BAPE. I haven’t seen TOP wear BAPE in a while but he used to.

BAPE x Medicom Toy

BAPE x Medicom Toy
(I totally have this one ^^ He’s the rarest of his series!)

Next is KAWS/Original Fake, which you may remember from here.

KAWS x Medicom Toy

Remember this post?
colette has their own special Be@rbricks, too!

This is the Medicom “My First Be@rbrick B@by” set, colette version. The big one is 400%, the small one is 100%.

It also came in 50%:

Now I can’t find it on colette’s website, so it may have sold out. (But not before I got one. ^^b)

I’m really impressed with Nike’s Be@rbricks:

Medicom Toy Nike Air Force1 Be@rbrick Series 2.

I haven’t really shown an example of an event based Be@rbrick, so here we go.

Christmas 2009 Be@rbrick. ^^
It’s much darker in person. :\

Here’s another example of an event Be@rbrick and also a nice size comparison:

JUICE x Medicom Toy X’mas (A 400% holding a 100%).

Okay! I mentioned the rare 70% so let’s have a look at an upcoming release in that size.

The Valentine Day & White Day Be@rbrick 70% 2 Pack Set, which is freakishly adorable.

Alright, is anyone still reading? I’ll end it with these photos from the 2009 Medicom Toy Exhibition.

(Recognize the big red guy? That’s a 1000% size for anyone that’s curious.)

(And yep, that’s the Kubrick Boba Fett Unbreakable 6 Piece Display Set I posted here.)

Where to buy:

Whew! That took forever. I really hope someone read that. ^^;

2 Responses to “Be@rbrick Special”

  1. 1 Hana
    January 15, 2010 at 3:38 am

    I recently saw necklaces with 100% be@rbricks on them! Think I’ll get one… Very informative, thanks!

  2. 2 Angelyne
    January 16, 2010 at 7:33 am

    Hi! I found your site through iBigBang and it’s really great! Thanks for finding the brands of the stuff the Big Bang boys wear! Thanks also for finding out the name of TOP’s dreaming bear – I’ve been searching for ages but I couldn’t find it! 😀 YAY YOU! 😀

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